It Is a Big Mistake to Only Add Water to Cook Rice, Learn This Secret Recipe for Soft, Sweet and Super Delicious Rice

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Secret Recipe for Soft, Sweet, and Super Delicious Rice: A Culinary Guide

Are you tired of ending up with lackluster, bland rice despite your best efforts? Are you curious about the secrets behind the delectable rice served in restaurants? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of preparing rice that’s not just good but exceptional—soft, sweet, and utterly delicious.


  • Rice (of your choice)
  • Salt
  • White rice vinegar
  • Lard


1. Wash the Rice:

  • Take the desired amount of rice and place it in a basin.
  • Gently wash the rice 1-2 times to remove impurities, avoiding excessive rinsing that may strip away nutrients.

2. Utilize Rice Water:

  • Don’t discard the rice water! It holds surprising benefits:
    • Use it to water plants, as it contains trace elements like calcium and phosphorus.
    • Clean vegetables and fruits; the slight acidity helps remove pesticide residues.
    • Employ it as a natural dishwashing liquid to effectively clean greasy surfaces.
    • Combat strong odors in meat or seafood by soaking them in rice water with a dash of salt.

3. Second Wash:

  • Rinse the rice once more, rubbing gently with your hands.
  • Discard the water promptly to ensure optimal rice texture.

4. Add Enhancers:

  • For every kilogram of rice, add:
    • A pinch of salt to enhance rice texture and aroma.
    • 2-3 drops of white rice vinegar to impart fluffiness and prevent rancidity.
    • A measured amount of lard for translucency and enhanced flavor.

5. Measure Water:

  • Determine the water level based on the rice quantity. A simple rule: for every two joints of rice, add one point of water.
  • Adjust water quantity according to rice variety and personal preference.

6. Steam the Rice:

  • Transfer the rice and water mixture to a rice cooker.
  • Steam the rice for approximately 30 minutes using the standard cooking setting.

7. Let it Rest:

  • After steaming, resist the temptation to open the lid immediately.
  • Allow the rice to rest for 5-10 minutes; this final step ensures optimal texture and flavor.

8. Enjoy Perfect Rice:

  • Delight in the distinct fragrance, softness, and impeccable taste of your meticulously prepared rice.

By following these steps and incorporating the secret ingredients, you’ll unlock the key to crafting rice that surpasses your expectations – soft, sweet, and irresistibly delicious. Say goodbye to lackluster rice and hello to culinary excellence with this foolproof recipe. Happy cooking!

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